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Socially Distanced Player Training

Shoot 360 Virginia and Innovative Sports is shaping the future of basketball training and development through interactive technology that allows our athletes to test, train, track, and compete like never before. Shoot 360 Virginia and Innovative Sports members have access to our shooting machines that are enhanced to include NOAH machine vision technology, providing analytics and feedback on every repetition and also provides access to play interactive games, virtual competitions, and more. Our members also have direct access to our ball-handling and passing skill stations.

Simply put, it is the future of basketball training and development!

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These are not your normal shooting machines. Take your shooting skills to new levels at Shoot 360 Virginia and Innovative Sports! Test, train, and track your shot like never before. Our basketball shot trainer provides live feedback on the arc of your shot, the depth of your shot, and how straight your shot is with our advanced Shoot 360 technology!

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Improve your ball-handling skills with our virtual trainer, who will lead you through a series of guided workouts. Put your passing skills to the test and experience the world’s first high-tech passing skill court. You’ll develop better accuracy, speed, and timing with your passes.

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Memberships can only be purchased in the facility. If you would like to purchase a membership call or email us!

Each membership gives the user unlimited access to attend a 30-minute shooting cage session and a 30-minute skill cage session each day for the term of the membership. All pricing and membership plans are subject to change.

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Data driven

We, as a staff, use data to measure and increase work performance; we use data to support our clients measure and increase their athletic performance.



We respect each other collectively as a team to achieve our mission and vision while supporting the highest code of ethics.



We strive to be innovative in our practices and services to elevate the development of the whole athlete.



We value the principles and etiquette of training and development.



We strive for excellence in all that we do.

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