Member Information and Polices

Monthly Membership Fees

Membership fees are automatically billed on the 1 st of each month. If you would like to change payment

method, suspend or cancel, it needs to be done before the first of each month. All suspensions or cancellations must be arranged by the member using your online account. Our staff is not to suspend or cancel memberships. If for some reason your monthly payment does not go through, you can update your card through the online account. Please make sure to manage your membership.

Managing Your Membership

From the homepage,; select member resources; then scroll down and click the button that says manage account. Use your username and password to login and manage your account details. This includes updating your credit card information, updating your personal information, suspending or canceling a membership, viewing your workout results, etc.


Each member signs a contract. This contract is emailed at the conclusion of signing up – if you do not receive a copy of your contract, please check with the front desk and confirm your email and ask that it be resent. If you decide you want to extend your contract length for monthly savings, you must do this at the front desk with one of the Shoot 360 staff members. A new contract term will be generated and take effect on the next billing cycle.

Store Policies

Outside Trainers: We do not allow outside trainers or coaches to use our facility with members under any circumstances.

Extra time in a cage or unit: If you finish your session and want additional time in the cages or units, check with the front desk to see if there is one available. If there is a cage or unit available, we will add you to the schedule. Please do not remain in the same cage/unit or move from cage to cage without checking with the front desk as this may impact members scheduled for sessions.

Food and drinks: Food and drinks are not permitted on the Shoot 360 Floor. Water bottles are acceptable and should be kept to the side/corner to avoid water getting on the floor.

Non-members in cages/skills units: Non-members are not permitted to be in the cages/skill units with members during their workouts. This includes parents, friends, outside coaches, siblings, family members, etc.

No-shows: If you schedule a session on your app or you have called into the facility and are confirmed on the schedule, you are expected to attend. If you are unable to attend on-time, you must call the front desk to cancel your session. If you do not do so, you will be considered a no-show and will be billed $15 per occurrence. The reason for this is that your reserved session prevents other clients from scheduling.

Late shows: If you show up under 15 minutes late, you will only be given the remaining time that you reserved. For example: if you are scheduled for shooting from 1-1:30pm and arrive at 1:10…you will only be guaranteed the remaining 20 minutes. If there are no clients scheduled at the conclusion of your session, you may request additional time by checking with the front desk. If you show up 15 minutes or more late, you will not be guaranteed a spot and would need to check with the front desk for the next available time-slot.

Proper shoes: Members are to wear proper basketball shoes when working out. Shoes must be non-marking.

Back-packs: All back-packs or personal belongings are not permitted within the shooting cages or skills units. They must be stored outside the Shoot360 entrance or near the Shoot 360 lobby/bench area.

Basketballs: No personal basketballs are permitted.