How to Implement a Basketball Training Program for Your Player

How to Implement a Basketball Training Program for Your Player

When it comes to improving skills as a basketball player, training programs can be extremely helpful and provide much-needed practice. Whether you’re a parent of a basketball player or a coach, working with children and young athletes to help them improve their skills can set them up for success in life and in their sport. Here are four tips for implementing a basketball training program for your player!

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Set Up Practice Time

First and foremost, your player needs time set aside that’s dedicated to practicing their basketball skills. If you’re a school or recreational coach, you may want to work with the player’s parents to set up a time for practice, or you can designate practice time during the class period or meet-up time when you see the player most. As a parent, you can set aside time for your child to practice by scheduling time with a hoop at home or schedule when you take them to a local practice court.

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Provide Structure

Practice time alone can be helpful, but won’t always provide the best results. During practice time, provide your player with specific tasks, skill practice exercises, and challenges in order to structure their practice to better hone their skills.

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Set Goals

Of course, one of the best ways to motivate a player to improve is by setting goals. Ensure that your goals follow the SMART structure - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. An example of this is to set a goal for your player to be able to consistently make a shot from a certain distance within two months of practice.

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