Developing Skills That Produce Excellence at Every Level

Developing Skills That Produce Excellence at Every Level

From the moment you start dribbling a basketball until the day you commit to the school of your choice to play at the collegiate level, your dedication to working on your game and improving your skill set produces success on the court. At Shoot 360 Virginia, we develop athletes through an emphasis on fundamentals, elite methods of training, and a track record of success. Visit us at our facility in Virginia to experience a masterclass in basketball training and keep reading to learn more about the methods we use to produce excellence.


Focused on Fundamentals

Champions like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan were some of the most competitive and consistent players in modern basketball history with 10 combined championships over 39 combined years in the NBA. What they also shared in common was a dedication to their fundamentals. Shoot 360 Virginia highlights fundamentals as a focus for every player, creating a solid foundation to build upon to further your success.


Innovative Training

Our facility has incorporated professional-level training tactics and equipment that include the world’s most technologically advanced shooting cages and virtual trainers to improve your skills. Our training program focuses on shooting, dribbling, passing, and movement to provide repetitions that incorporate all aspects of a player's game and build upon the fundamentals of technique in each area. Innovative training helps to further develop your ability, confidence, and success on the court.


Data-Driven Progression

With the advancements in training technology and tools, we are able to give athletes real-time results based on data. With this information, coaches can highlight success in certain areas as well as draw attention to the parts of your game that need improvement. As a staff, we use data to measure an athlete's performance and further their on-court success.


Prepare for the Next Level

Basketball is a global sport that is played in nearly every country in the world. No matter your age, gender, or skill level, there will always be a league or program for you to continue to play the game you love. Shoot 360 is here to help the young people of our Virginia communities prepare for next season, next year, or the next level. Whether you are playing for your elementary school team or preparing for the season at a Division-I university, our facility, coaches, and programs provide elite-level training that can help produce success for every athlete.

From memberships and individual training to camps and events, Shoot 360 Virginia offers a variety of ways for you to develop and improve in the game of basketball. Schedule a tour today to check out our state-of-the-art facility and contact us today to learn more about developing skills that produce success at every level.

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