Benefits of Shoot360 Basketball Personal Training

Benefits of Shoot360 Basketball Personal Training

Shoot 360 by Innovative Sports in Virginia, is a technique that can change the future of basketball. It combines cutting-edge science and technology with actual hands-on and one-on-one personal training experiences.

With Shoot 360, you will improve your skills and learn new techniques to master your game.

basketball going through net

Virtual Training

At Innovative Sports, Shoot360 has an excellent virtual training facility that will enhance your game skills by providing you with different types of drills.

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Master in Ball-Holding Technique

With this new technology, you can improve your ball-holding skills with our trainers and virtual workout drills, which are also there to improve your body positioning and balancing the ball with one hand.

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Passing Skill

At Innovative Sports, we have a high-tech passing skill court that will help you to test your ball passing skills and guide you to make better decisions, improving reaction time and speed to pass the ball with either hand.

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Shooting Skills

With Shoot 360, you can take your shooting skills to a new level. We make sure you get to do a lot of practice with actual hands-on and one-on-one coaching so that you can end up being the best shooter at any court.

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Effective Results

As our skills training class is done at bay on large screens, it provides you with effective results that can be seen on any basketball ball.

Why Choose Innovative Sports Shoot 360

With our unique and innovative basketball training classes, you can not only sharpen your skills, but you can learn a whole new way to up your game. Whether you are a long-time player or new to basketball, our training classes will help you shine more and improve as a player.

Why wait to contact us today and get registered in Innovative Sports Shoot360 in Chantilly, Virginia.